User Management


Sanctions refer to administrators blocking or issuing warnings to specific users who violate regulations for the smooth operation of Sigmate.

  • Users are not repeatedly sanctioned for the same behavior.

  • Sanctions cannot be imposed if the time of detection has elapsed more than 12 months from the time of violation of the regulations.

  • If the manager determines that it is subject to indefinite blocking, it may be blocked regardless of the time of detection.

  • Weighted sanctions can be imposed by referring to the previous sanctionโ€™s details.

Blocking refers to the restriction of the administrator's editorial rights, discussion, and use of threads.

  • Where a user violates different regulations at the same time, the blocking period may be added together and blocked.

Operators can block users who are deemed not willing to perform normal activities due to serious regulatory violations, or who are extremely frequent to block due to regulatory violations, indefinitely.

Operators may issue a warning or a caution instead of blocking to users who have violated regulations slightly and users who are deemed to have violated regulations due to inexperience in regulations.

  • The warning is in effect for three months.

  • After receiving the warning, the user may lift the restriction on the editing right and opinion right due to the warning after checking the regulation.

  • Caution is a simple guidance implemented when it is judged that the need to proceed beyond the warning is significantly low, and it has a purpose of guidance and does not have the effect of sanctions.

The Operator may block the minimum period for leaving details of sanctions.

  • The administrator may suspend the blocking execution of the person to be blocked in the following cases.

  • Suspension of blocking until the end of the discussion due to participation in the discussion by the person subject to blocking

  • However, in the case of indefinite blocking or more than 7 days of blocking, violation of regulations corresponding to heavy sanctions is confirmed, and if there is a reason not to be judged to be inexperienced in the regulations, the reason for suspension shall not be applied and the blocking shall be implemented immediately.

Operators may finalize and readjust sanctions.

Matters not prescribed in this Regulation shall be prescribed by the Enforcement Rules for Wiki Operation: User Sanctions.

However, managers cannot sanction users based on the enforcement rules of Wiki Operation: User Sanctions. The operators may execute the blocking and simultaneously issue a warning for the purpose of recognizing the sanctions.

Abuse of editorial rights

The term "Abuse of editorial rights " means an act that damages use of documents by abusing the editorial rights to violate the purpose or regulations. The following acts are included in the abuse of editorial rights.

Editing for the purpose of damaging a document, including the following acts:

  • The creation or restoration of meaningless documents

  • Deleting a document solely on the grounds that it is a description of the person concerned or the presumed user

Editing that violates the procedure for changing the title. This includes the following acts:

  • Abandoning hyperlinks and redirects that are not linked to any document

  • Changing the document name that has been maintained for more than one month and discarding the previous document name that has not been replaced by another document without redirecting it;

Editing against the rules of Sigmate

  • Posting offensive articles, photos, and videos

  • Editing that reverts editing requests from other users without justification

  • Generation and deliberate approval of editorial requests that result in abuse of editorial rights

  • In addition to the abuse of editorial rights listed in the preceding paragraph, other abuses by supplementary judgment

Sanctions against abuse of editorial rights

In principle, users who abuse their editorial rights shall be blocked for not more than five days, but they may be blocked more than that only in the following cases:

Act of blocking for more than 3 days

If the document is deleted more than once in a row without any reasonable grounds, or if all contents are removed Damaged documents more than 3 times in a row

Act of blocking for more than 7 days

Where it is deemed that it will cause serious inconvenience to the reader by writing contents contrary to universal moral laws, such as insulting contents, disparaging expressions based on family members and relatives, and sexual expressions.

Act of blocking for more than 30 days

If information on NFT articles are falsely described on purpose and by mistake.

If it falls under aggravated sanctions, it shall be treated as follows.

  • If a user who has been sanctioned by the above regulations within six months repeats a similar violation, the following sanctions shall be imposed.

If the previous sanctions are blocked, they will be blocked for more than three months than the previously blocked period.

  • If a valid warning remains, block it for more than one day and not more than one month.

When performing the following actions, the manager may block the user indefinitely.

  • Copyright infringement

  • The act of not inserting an import frame after separating, merging, or quoting a document-deleted movement or paragraph;

  • Deleting a document import frame without justifiable grounds Restoring the contribution of another person deleted after temporary measures;

  • Unauthorized restoration of the log of documents under temporary measures;

  • The act of transferring to a meaningless document without justifiable grounds

  • The act of deliberately distorting and manipulating the information in the key info table and confusing the reader.

  • Deliberately confusing the readers with false links that lead to sites that may cause damage to usersโ€™ financial status.

Insufficient Edit Summary

The summary left in the edit or edit request and the reason for closing the edit request are called the edit summary. The editorial summary shall be used for the purpose of revealing the content or reasons for the editing, and shall not be used as follows.

  • Leaving an editorial summary that is clearly unrelated to document editing, such as small talk

  • It includes leaving an unnecessary summary of playfulness edits while recovering document damage.

  • Abusive language, insults, accusations, intimidating content and personal attacks, obvious sarcasm, obscene or obscene expressions, and attacking a particular editor

  • Indiscriminate abuse of editorial summaries, such as plastered Direct reference to another editor in an editorial summary

Making meaningless edits for the purpose of counterarguing in editorial summaries

To refute a description of the same or similar content more than three times per page in an editorial summary

Regulatory guidance is not included in the number of times.

At this time, only the regulations that the other party is likely to violate or violate shall be guided, and the number of times shall not exceed two.

3.1. Sanctions for poor editing summary

Users who use bad editing summaries are blocked for up to 5 days.

If the regulations related to the editorial summary are repeatedly violated several times or the level of violation is serious, it is blocked for more than 7 days.

If a user who has been sanctioned by the above regulations within three months repeats a similar violation, the following sanctions shall be imposed.

  • If the previous sanctions were a block, they will be blocked for more than one month than the previously blocked period.

  • If the previous sanctions are a warning, they will be blocked for more than one day and less than one month.

4. Avoidance of Sanctions

Sanctions should not be avoided by sanctioned users. In the event of a breach of this provision, the administrator may block the user for maximum indefinite time. Identifying the same person on the inquiry board for clarification purposes and using different accounts or different IP addresses is not considered to be an objective to evade sanctions. However, the manager is obligated to induce the user to explain and process the calling on the blocking calling board.

Unauthorized access

Unauthorized access means that a user acts as if it were multiple people using multiple accounts or IPs. In the following cases, it is regarded as a serious illegal connection, and the user is blocked indefinitely.

  • Where fraudulent access is made to benefit from user opinions, bulletin boards, editorial summaries, etc

  • Where fraudulent access is made to intentionally cause editorial disputes.

Inappropriate account name

Account names cannot be used for hate, slander, or impersonation of public figures, organizations, religions, and other users, organizations, and groups of Sigmate.

  • Account names that can be confused with management such as operator and Sigmate cannot be used.

  • Account names containing sensational or obscene content cannot be used.

  • Account names containing explicit abusive, disparaging, and insulting expressions cannot be used.

  • Account names containing personal information cannot be used.

Sanctions against inappropriate account names

The operator may restrict the use of multiple accounts for a period up to seven days for a user who has created an account with an inappropriate account name.

Regulations on Threads

  • It is prohibited to continue speaking and acting that annoys other users, such as not using honorifics.

  • Actions to interfere with the normal use and operation of the bulletin board are not allowed. It prohibits attacking specific users.

However, exceptions are made to the following cases:

  • Request for user sanctions based on the regulation, such as reporting, etc

  • Objection to management and operators

Even if it falls under the above exceptions, abusive language and groundless slander, which are not legitimate criticism, are prohibited.

The notice of each bulletin shall not be constantly violated.

The respondent may raise an objection to the report through a comment, but small talk unrelated to the reported matter is prohibited.

Posts other than the purpose of the calling are prohibited on the calling bulletin board, and the manager does not process them. In particular, if you post content that requires criticism or sanctions against other users, the blocking period can be extended depending on the degree.

It is prohibited to repeat the dismissed explanation with the same content within 30 days without supplementing the grounds.

In the process of reporting, calling, or inquiring for the purpose of deceiving the management, the contents of the report/call/question shall not be manipulated.

It is prohibited for users, not the management team, to write comments containing unnecessary content in reporting processing, such as interpretation of regulations and small talk. Provided, That comments necessary for the processing of reports, such as additional reports or counterarguments against reports may be prepared.

User references are only available in the following cases.

  • When referring to relevant users for reporting and inquiries.

  • When challenging the management.

  • In the case of a stump for the purpose of exchanging opinions.

  • Used for the purpose of requiring a specific operator to exercise operational authority in relation to the position.

  • Sigmate: When used for business purposes by operators under the Basic Policy.

It prohibits posting inappropriate media files (photos and videos) that are not related to the Sigmate bulletin board.

In addition to the regulations related to bulletin boards listed in the preceding paragraph, the manager may sanction acts deemed to interfere with the use and operation of bulletin boards by supplementary judgment.

The manager may refuse to process any of the following report posts among the reports registered on the report bulletin board: When refusing, the reasons for refusal shall be clarified.

  • If you do not specify a particular edit of the document history, only a full list of contributions of the respondent is attached and reported;

  • Where a manager is required to make a subjective judgment because the report post does not indicate the contribution of the respondent and the subject of the report;

  • If the form has been followed, but the link is not engaged, making it difficult to verify

  • Other cases where the administrator determines that the report is inappropriate;

Sanctions for violations of bulletin board regulations

Users who violate the regulations related to the bulletin board shall be blocked for up to seven days.

  • However, users who repeatedly report based on obvious false information shall be blocked for at least seven days.

If a user blocked by the above regulations at least once repeats the same violation, it will be blocked for up to six months.

The administrator may indefinitely block a user who has created an account for the purpose of using the bulletin board only.

Obstruction of operations

Obstruction of operation refers to an act of malicious behavior that hinders the normal operation and use of Sigmate. Prohibits operational obstruction, including the following acts.

  • Abnormal outside intervention

  • Deleting documents or deleting some descriptions on the basis outside the Sigmate without right procedures

  • Display of excessive amity between users that may disturb the community

  • Continuous publication of unnecessary controversial discussion threads Intentionally hiding contribution history through editing requests

  • Writing discussion threads and bulletin board posts and comments for the purpose of criticizing the management team, not raising objections;

  • An act of deliberately bypassing when restricted in accordance with the operation management policy;

  • The act of impersonating the management team from the inside and outside of Sigmate

  • Conducting actions beyond the authority given by the management

Sanctions against obstruction of operation

In principle, the operator is responsible for the handling of the issues prescribed in the paragraph 'Operational Obstruction'.

IP Usage Restrictions

Sigmate is not available using IP bypass (proxy server, VPN, Tor, etc.) or IDC band IP.

The detected IP bypass means shall be blocked indefinitely.

Accounts created by IP bypass or acting only as IP bypass means are blocked indefinitely.

Public IPs such as carrier IPs cannot participate in discussions without using accounts.

The administrator may block the public IP band from logging in indefinitely.

If it is determined that violations of regulations such as document damage or blocking avoidance occur frequently in a specific IP band, the administrator may block the IP band indefinitely.

Call for Blocking

Blocked users can explain through the blocking clarification board if they have objections to blocking or reflect on the violation of regulations.

If the blocking period is reduced once by calling, the same sanctions can not be called again.

  • If it is argued that all or part of the reasons for blocking are not the fault of the person itself, it shall be excluded if it is reasonable to review it, with the supplementation of evidence.

The operator may re-adjust, such as reducing the blocking period or invalidating the blocking, or dismiss or dismiss the calling by citing the calling. In principle, the manager involved in the sanctions cannot handle the calling. However, in the following cases, it is regarded as an abnormal calling, and the operator related to the sanctions may also dismiss it.

  • The calling of a blocking evader caught more than three times

  • Case where abusive language or slang is included in the content of the calling. In such cases, the blocker, the details of the calling, and the explanation of the act of using the authority shall be announced on the Sigmate bulletin board.

  • If the subject is a user blocked due to habitual document damage or requires operational security, it may not be notified.

Only the operator of the management can handle the following cases.

  • A call for obstruction of operations

  • Resignation of the calling dismissed by the management manager

In principle, if the explanatory posting includes content requiring sanctions from a specific user, the manager shall not deal with it and dismiss it.

The manager may exercise his/her authority only through the readjustment and cancellation of the blocking through third-party inquiries or objections.

15.1. Revealing the Call

The administrator may disclose a specific calling post cited at the request of the user.

  • When disclosing the cited calling, the manager may delete personal information including an IP address and disclose it.

In principle, when a request for disclosure is received, the operator shall disclose it. However, exceptions are made to the following cases.

  • If the explanatory citation is invalidated by the operator

  • For calls that have been publicly processed in the past

  • Disclosure is denied by the company's administrator

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