The main feature of Sigmate is its own wiki engine specialized for NFT. As explained in the introduction, NFT investors have to snoop around multiple sites and SNS communities such as Discord, Twitter, and Telegram to find scattered information.

And these scattered information are mostly unstructured data and we call it off-chain data. But off-chain data is hard to gather and that's why we bring up with our own unique sigmate's Wiki Engine to gather with ease.

Unique points compared to legacy wiki system

Main unique point of Sigmate wiki is that we brought block recognition value like notion. For example, when you find wrong or weird information written in legacy wiki system, it is inconvenient to find the accuracy or even to edit the information.

However, in sigmate wiki you can easily turn on and off the block recognition function, where you could easily find out what other thinks as you readout the wiki.

This block recognition function also make users to edit and correct the wiki in ease.

How wiki product brings benefit to NFT market and sigmate?

Easy to Access

Sigmate's wiki service is more accessible and less difficult than other types of platforms. Unlike most services that search and enter for specific categories of information, Sigmate's many function creates interest and allows users to spend time freely. Moreover, Wiki service is organically connected through hyperlinks, making it easy to move from one document to another, and users can easily access, learn, and write information, even if it is not something that they weren't interested before.

Helping Valuation in off-chain data

Most of the NFT related platforms put their effort in 'on-chain data' store and construction. The valuation of NFT project relies in many factors, not just in 'on-chain data' but also in 'off-chain data' such as community power, what's happening in SNS, who bought, what kind of words influencer said and more on.

However these type of data is not 'digitized' data so many investors struggle to build up their sense of investment rationale. Wiki provides a comprehensive storage of 'off-chain data', enabling more simpler accessibility of NFT market. And as data pile up, it is easier to 'digitize' the data and help to create more accurate and sophisticated version of overall off-chain data and sources.

Collective Intelligence

Currently, information in the Crypto industry is focused on one-way delivery. However, especially in the NFT market, important happenings are being done based on "community power". Therefore, rather than focusing on one-way delivery, we need a platform that can share and verify knowledge with collective intelligence. Sigmate uses unique wiki to help out the NFT market.

In addition, Web3 and DAO elements in a crypto world represents collective intelligence where decentralized value is important, and wiki is the most advantageous form to attract users with participation, opening, and sharing values, and can be a turning point for changing the dark image of crypto world to bright image.


Wiki is one of the highest-traffic web services in the world. As the amount of information accumulates, it is easier to find a large amount of information at the top of a search engine such as Google. In addition, it is convenient to share various information through links, which can maintain high retention due to low entry barriers.

Wiki is also effective when it comes to attracting new people and building communities, making it relatively easy to attract new users, which is advantageous for sustained growth compared to other NFT information delivery platforms. These traffic can gain an edge not only in advertising revenue but also in collaboration with NFT projects or exchanges, thereby strengthening the service.

Users could participate in Sigmate as


Sigmate users can easily gather and share all kinds of scattered 'off-chain data' around NFT market.

Writers can write and edit about NFT projects and informations by using sigmate, not only sharing informations but also earning sigmate points and tokensโ€ผ๏ธ

In existing wiki engine, it is hard to know if the written information is wrong or right, however in sigmate you can easily check-out what other readers think by voting each block of the wiki page.

What Kind of Information provided...?

Key info Key information consists of the NFT Projectโ€™s main information.

This includes the team, team history, NFTโ€™s category, minting price, date, floor price, and official website links.

Users must include the Key information to create a new wiki page.

After the creation of the article, only the Sigmate operator and authorized users will be able to edit the key information to prevent malicious attempts to fool others.

On-chain information

After the creation of new wiki page, Sigmate provides appropriate on-chain information such as Floor Price, volume, Etherscan informations and more.

Off-chain information

In NFT market, sentimental becomes quite important factor for your investment decision. Since Sigmate provides service based on wiki system, we can pile up all those scattered off-chain data and check out Community Power, Noise from the project team, Social Buzz at a glance.

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