Editorial Guide

Sigmate: Editorial guide

This document is an editorial guide for Sigmate.

By Sigmate:Basic Policy, all documents must comply with this editorial guideline. This document sets the narrative principles and standards that all documents must adhere to.

Descriptions and representations in documents

All kinds of descriptions can be modified without opinion discussion, and no additional burden of proof is required unless objections are raised.

Follow the subregulation preferentially if there are any separate instructions for documentation or description, or if there are any relevant provisions.

Prohibited and Restricted Descriptions

Description that hinders readability Description that passes editing on to the reader, such as 'addition neededโ€' Inserting an empty paragraph does not correspond to a description that passes editing on to the reader.

  • Forced Line Change: Inserting an blank line in the middle of a sentence However, text or formula descriptions in the frame or table allow forced line change to improve readability.

  • Collective links: Inserting continuous hyperlinks Continuous insertion of hyperlinks (e.g., vegetables) in which the document does not indicate the meaning of the syllable or word output from the link

  • Continuous insertion of hyperlinks that divide the syllables (e.g. bomb dust bugs) It can be used if there is a need for clarity, not simple examples or humor. (e.g. Chinese characters) You cannot insert punctuation marks, spacing, etc. for the purpose of avoiding regulations. (e.g., fruits, fruits, fields)

  • Redirect: Description of the existence of the origin document in the destination document. However, if the redirect origin document has another meaning other than the meaning of the destination document, the redirect destination document is allowed to be guided.

  • Automatic playback function

  • A description of deceive/fraud However, it is possible if the author and producer of the work officially fish in the creation. After describing the deceiving information, you must insert a frame:spoiler before describing the truth.

  • Link to malicious sites found in Google Safe Browsing site status. You cannot delete a link or publish a discussion claiming it just because it is a site designated as a deliberation/censorship/harmful site in a particular country.

  • Descriptions of posting, distributing, or providing child pornography as hyperlinks or embedded links, and those that incite or inspire such behavior

  • Description of the methods of smuggling, trafficking or manufacturing of narcotics specified by laws of the Republic of Korea

  • Description of the manufacturing methods of weapons such as guns, swords, and explosives

Demeaning description

The following provisions apply to existing persons, organizations, and demographic groups (which is referred to as "existing persons and groups").

Descriptions that agitate immediate violent and arbitrary action or incite hatred for the purpose of slander against existing persons and groups are prohibited.

Descriptions that insult or maliciously disparage the person or group due to the demographic characteristics of the existing persons and group are not recommended, and when a discussion is published due to an editorial dispute, the person claiming the existence of the description is liable for proof.

Degrading and insulting expressions

The expression can be used in documents that address the demeaning and insulting expression itself. Whether it is registered or not, the universality of the expression must be demonstrated in the event of an editorial dispute. You can also use these expressions in general documents. The use of that expression fixes the narrative point by deleting in case of an editing dispute. In the event of a discussion, the party is responsible for proof, and the reason for value judgment is not recognized as a basis.

A quotation

Quotes can only be used for the following purposes:

  • Purpose of quoting the original text. Sigmate recommends that you reveal the source when quoting.

  • Purpose of presenting examples in a grammar document

Only the following grammar can be used as emphasis grammar in the citation, and any other emphasis grammar is prohibited.

Quotation in a quotation In the event of a dispute over thick grammar, if it is a description citing the original text, decorating the letters of the original text will take precedence.

  • Underline, italics, cancellation line, up/down subscripts, character size changes. It can only be used to reflect character decorations in citation text.

  • If you meet the purpose below, you can use specific emphasis grammar separately from the original quotation.

  • Bold, down subscripts, reduced letter size - purpose of source notation Underline - Purpose of clarifying the provisions applicable to the legal text or describing examples of grammatical documents

  • Letter Color - Purpose to illustrate example sentences in grammar documents

  • You can include up to two quotes at the top of each paragraph. Paragraphs consisting only of quotations, such as quotations, do not have an exceptional limit on the number of quotations.

List and examples

A list of concepts or examples with objective and clear criteria is considered a 'list'. The listing of concepts or cases that do not is considered an example.

Examples should have criteria to prevent the confusion of examples and the standard should not be too low which can make it meaningless. Taking one or two examples for illustration does not require presenting a reference point.

If the source is questioned about existence/authenticity, or reputation, the writer is responsible to prove its sources.

However, if there are more than five objects listed in one document or if there are individual documents, the retention side is liable for proof.

It can be based on the standards of reputation recognized in editorial guidelines for specific fields such as literature, culture, and creation.

Even if the source is unclear, what is known to have been done by a person and has proven to be well-known can be stated after specifying this evidence.

The words of the characters in the work, the characters in the play, and the virtual characters are considered examples.

However, it is recommended to describe the fact that it is proven to be famous by quoting an existing person's remarks or writings as a phrase of an existing person.

Other Document Guides

If a paragraph is separated and written in a separate document, the link to the paragraph title can only be written in a separated document.

Parent and sub-documents can only be described if they represent documents that are dependent.

However, even if it is a dependent relationship, the description as follows takes precedence, and in this case, sub-documentation is not possible.

  • If the tour frame inserted at the top has a sub-document hyperlink

  • If you have a paragraph that contains sub-documents

  • Paragraph names are linked in a way that clearly shows that they are linked to [[corresponding documents/sub-documents]] or equivalent sub-documents

'Related documents' refer to documents that are closely related to a particular document and are not dependent.

  • Frame:Related documents may be used only at the top of the document if all of the following conditions are met, and up to four target documents may be guided as relevant documents.

    • There must be no target document in the tour frame or classification inserted in that document.

    • The document must not be an element listed as part of a list, example, etc. within the target document.

  • However, exceptions are made to documents that are limited in classification due to the lack of the number of documents belonging to the classification regulations.

  • Even if all of the above conditions have been met, it is recommended that you create and describe a paragraph that contains the relevant documents underneath the document.

  • Paragraphs that collect relevant documents are considered examples. If you can create a tour frame or classification that contains the target document, you prefer to replace it.

A description that wrote a link to another document with a similar concept or name in the top or specific paragraph is called a "document-guided description," and the description must correspond to one or more of the following relationships with the inserted document or paragraph.

  • In the case where homophones are related to many or have a similarity,

  • The key proper nouns that make up the name have the same title

  • Where there is a difference according to language and pronunciation, but it is practically the same word

  • A document dealing with the same or similar concept, or a paragraph

  • For guidance on relevant regulations in regulatory documents

It is prohibited to put a frame:different meaning, frame:different meaning 1 at the top of the 'homologous and multilingual meta document'.

Temporary Handover

  • Temporarily handover means temporarily inserting a frame to move to the document associated with the title of the document.

  • Temporarily Handover Frame: Temporary Handover must be used and can be attached when one of the following is met:

  • Hype: The document associated with the title of the document becomes a topic of conversation due to an incident, controversy, etc

Timeliness: if the document associated with the title of the document deals with a topic for a specific time period appropriate at this time

In the case of handing over timeliness, the deletion side has the obligation to preemptively implement the grounds, and the grounds presented must refute one of the following criteria for registration.

  • Document to be moved to Handover and its title should be associated

  • Documents to be transferred to Handover must be timely at this point In the case of hype handover, the attachment can no longer be made after 15 days based on the first attachment.

Character photography priorities

Follow the priorities below when a narrative dispute occurs between used photo files.

  • Pictures that capture certain moments that do not meet the ranking criteria below cannot be used as profile pictures. However, it can be used if the discussion does not indicate that there are pictures within the ranking that can be used other than that picture.

  1. Officially used photographs

  2. Photos posted on the website of the person's agency or organization

  3. Photos posted on portal site person information

  4. Most recent photos by editing date

  5. Picture of high quality ID photo, photo that a person is looking straight ahead

  6. However, if you are a person who is inactive or has been vacant for a long time, it will not be applied even if the picture is old.

Those who have a separate standard in the field shall apply the rule first.

Description of an incident

Classification of the time of incident events

  • Classification: The XX government/incident incident or its subclassification can only categorize events, incidents that are directly or indirectly related to that government.

  • Domestic and international events and incidents are classified into the classification: XXXX years/incidental events or subcategories.

Specific Incident

  • "Documents related to specific incidents" are documents listed in the incident-related information, documents with an incident framework, and documents included in the incident classification that deal with the current controversial war, terrorism, crime, casualties, natural disasters, and political strife.

  • The 'Documents on Specific Incident Accidents' should prioritize facts, accuracy of information, and communication of information.

  • Prohibits tacit rules and other humorous descriptions that have not been agreed.

  • Prohibits descriptions that repel others with disparaging expressions, insulting expressions, and excessive criticism. The definition of disparaging and insulting expressions follows the โ€˜Degrading and insulting expressions' regulations in the editorial guidelines.

  • Because it describes the actual incident, it should be reviewed thoroughly and corrected to the facts, and the source or rationale for the description should be provided. Content or scaremongering without source or basis can be deleted without discussion.

Criteria for description of the law of incidental accidents

The following criteria apply in the event of conflicting/conflicting statements or editorial disputes.

  • If only one side is able to submit the expert's official opinion, the expert's opinion will be described around the attached side.

  • If an expert opinion is submitted on both sides, both opinions are divided and described.

  • If you cannot submit both, discussion will determine the direction of the narrative.

Description of weights and measures and units

Metrology takes precedence over SI units (metres, kilograms, seconds, amps, Kelvin, moles, candela) and their induction units, and exceptionally, non-legal units may be used in historical and literary documents or international conventions in a particular field.

The date is based on the Gregorian calendar.

Date notation using Arabic numerals and punctuation only should be 'MM,DD, YYYYโ€™ or the Month can be used in English Abbreviation.

Exceptions are made if the date notation itself is a proper noun.

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