Q.) What Wallets do you support on Sigmate?

Currently, sigmate supports MetaMask only. In the future, we'll endeavor to support additional widely used wallets.

Q.) What is a Membership NFT, and what utilities does it provide in Sigmate?

Sigmate Membership NFT is a form of NFT that provides various benefits to holders. This type of NFT is a recent trend in many companies and projects such as Nike, Adidas, Puuvilla Society, and using. Membership in NFT helps to develop the solidarity of holders and build a positive image of the brand.

As Sigmate is an information-gathering platform, the biggest benefit will be the 'data and content. It will provide a variety of premium content depending on the status of NFT.

Contents include

  • Showing the SNS announcement that only NFT holders can enter

  • Correlation with My NFT in On-Chain Data NFT Valuation Model

  • NFT Research Reports

  • Reduced transaction fees when developing into a marketplace

  • And find more in The NFT

Q.) Where do raffle items come from?

Initially, for marketing and to gather users, real assets or NFTs will be directly purchased and provided with funds secured by the team.

In the future, when the service expands and take collaboration with various projects, bringing up the raffle will be relatively easy, and the draw will be actively used for active marketing and burning Sigma.

Q.) What is W2E?

It stands for Write to Earn and is part of the X to Earn projects. (For example, Stephen's M2E users get tokens by jogging) Rather than ending up volatilized, Sigmate's W2E is sustainable because participants' contributions remain on the wiki and create real value, unlike traditional P2E or M2E.

Q.) How do the correlation algorithm and index work?

It will be used as a valuation model through Stats. Sigmate will combine the prices of several NFTs to produce indicators. This indicator will be used as a basis for judging the flow of the market. It will help investors evaluate NFTs through a correlation analysis model between the index and owned NFT. Sigmate will give several options so that users can select various factors themselves and conduct a value evaluation in the way they want.

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