✅Community Verdict

Verdict Sigmate's goal is to provide reliable information about NFT.

Users can easily show their opinion by voting each block of the wiki page. Block is divided by paragraph and user can catch out what community thinks by at the left side of each block.

The gradation version from Blue(right info) to Red(wrong info) will be shown in block's leftside.

Sigma points will be added each time the user verify Wiki blocks, and the writer of the content will also receive points and exp depending on the vote.

Reliability The vote system in sigmate are "Certified" and "Beware". You could check the opinion easily by clicking the block as well as the ratio of votes.

Major information such as links to the NFT exchanger or website will be in more strict care of the sigmate managers and verified users.

As more users verify the blocks of the Wiki, the more reliable content will remain.

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