Basic Policy

Sigmateโ€™s Description

Basically, any article of any subject related to NFT may be described on Sigmate, except where the topics are restricted by the Basic Policy and other regulations authorized under the Basic Policy.

All articles on Wiki are modified after sharing your opinion if there is a disagreement between users.

Description from relations

Sigmate prohibits biased editing for the benefit of individuals or organizations.

Sigmate prohibits the description of tattletale for specific people, organizations, and users of Sigmate.

License for Sigmate

All rights reserved to Sigmate including articles, articles, opinions etc.

However, images inserted into the articles may be distributed under a separate license.

Users and Rights

Definition of the user

User means any user who reads, edits, creates, or modifies articles on Sigmate.

Usersโ€™ Rights

It is defined as a "Usersโ€™ rights " by covering all the rights generally held by users of Sigmate.

The Usersโ€™ rights can be divided into the following four rights.

  • Access rights: the right to access articles on Sigmate.

  • Editorial rights: the editorial rights, create, move, or delete articles that are not restricted by regulations.

  • Right to share opinion: the right to express one's opinion on articles or Sigmate regulations and operations.

  • The right to call: the right to object to sanctions.

Restriction of the usersโ€™ rights

Sigmate can restrict usersโ€™ rights based on regulations.

Basically the right to call is not limited, but the right to call may also be limited according to other regulations.

If a specific user puts a lot of pressure on Sigmateโ€™ server and causes operational problems, the user's right may be restricted.

If there is a legal problem related to Sigmate, the right to view specific articles may be restricted in accordance with the article management policy.


The basic policy is a regulation for Sigmate management.

The management of the organization and operation of the management team follows the Sigmate: Basic Policy/Operation Management Policy.

Management of Articles follows the Sigmate: Basic Policy/Article Management Policy.

Management of the Opinion follows the Sigmate: Basic Policy/Opinion Management Policy.

User management follows the Sigmate: Basic Policy/User Management Policy.

Sigmate: editing instructions are regulations that determine the direction of the editing of the Sigmate article.

The descriptive principles that general articles must comply with follow the Sigmate: Editing Instructions/General articles.

The descriptive principles that special articles must comply with follow the Sigmate: Editing Instructions/Special articles.

The editing instruction of articles belonging to a particular field follows Sigmate: Editing Guidelines/Specific Fields. Detailed guidelines for Sigmate projects also apply.

The criteria for the creation of a particular article follow the Sigmate:editing instructions/registration criteria. The criteria for articles are according to the Sigmate:editing instructions/headings.

To comprehensively manage the articulation of Sigmate, Sigmate can generate specific guidelines.

Conflict of Regulations

In the event of conflict between regulations, the more specific side shall be applied primarily. If a problem arises when the requirements are first applied in accordance with this paragraph, the management of the company may not apply this requirement or apply it in modifications.

Interpretation of regulations

In Sigmate's regulations, the following terms are defined as follows.

Warning is a different term from caution and recommendation, and caution and recommendation do not have the effect of the term warning specified in the regulation.

Objection refers to a dictionary definition, not a legal definition, and the presentation of an amendment is also a concept included in the objection.

Objection is a concept that includes not only the presentation of opposition to the agreement but also the presentation of amendments to the agreement.

All dates and times mentioned in Sigmate's regulations shall be in accordance with the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

If only the date is mentioned in Sigmate's regulations and a separate time is not mentioned, it is interpreted as 00:00:00 of the day. One day mentioned in Sigmate's regulations represents 24 hours, one week represents 7 days (=168 hours), one month represents 4 weeks (=28 days), and one year represents 12 months (=336 days).

In the case of regulations with a limited number of words, only the original citation and body are counted, excluding link addresses, wiki grammar codes, frames, images, and spaces. However, if different interpretation methods are already included in individual regulations, this interpretation method does not apply.

Exception Rules

The Sigmate operator may amend the regulations without discussing them.

After the revision of the regulations, the Sigmate shall announce the details of the regulatory changes at Sigmate: Announcement

The operator shall not sanction the user on this basis for 24 hours after the amendment under the above provisions. When revising the regulations according to the results of the management meeting, the procedures for this shall follow the special provisions concerning the revision of the regulations according to the agreement of the steering meeting.

Sigmate: Basic Policy/Operation Management Policy/Operation Management Policy/Operation Selection Policy: Special Provisions on Restriction and Application of Regulation Amendment shall be followed.

In the case of revising regulations for the purpose of resolving simple ethics or conflict of regulations, an editing request can be made immediately without discussing regulatory amendments, and there is no need to register the details of changes on the Announcement.

User Management Policy: In the case of obstruction of operation, regulations cannot be amended through a regulatory revision debate. Regulatory amendments that add to the work of the management team may be amended only through the agreement of the management meeting.

At this time, the revision of regulations that adds to the work of the management team is as follows.

Amendment to restrict the authority of operators. Amendments to add new additional work to the enforcement of the regulation Amendment infringing upon the discretion of the operator

Other amendments that are not listed in the preceding paragraph but that the management manager determines to add to the work

Basic Policy: Agreements of the Management meeting must be preceded in order to issue a revised debate on the full text and related regulations

The agenda of the Management meeting under this Article shall be handled in accordance with the agenda of weighted business.

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