How it Works Participating with more Sigma tokens would allow particiapants to win higher chances to winning the draw. However, tokens that have been used will not be refunded back, so it is important to calculate the chances of winning. Draw points are weighted to win the lottery. For example, if total amount of participated Draw points is 100,000, and if a user burns 1000 sigma for 1000 draw points, (1:1 ratio) then the possibility of winning the draw for this user is 1000/100000*1000= 1%. This possibility is subject to change as more users participate, the total amount of draw points increase.

After the winners are announced, Sigmate will send emails to the winners to collect information and give out the prize. Participants of the Draw will have a bonus on their levels based on the amount they have participated. If user has higher levels in Sigmate, they may get extra bonus Draw points on their participation. Used Sigma tokens will be moved to the foundation pool for the next draw. This way, the circulation of Sigma Tokens can be controlled, preventing inflation. Certain percent of used Draw tokens will be moved to the burn address, whereas the remaining will be moved to the foundation reserve. In this way, tokens will be removed from the circulating supply, benefiting Sigma Token holders.

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