🏆Participating Draw

About Draw

What is a Draw?

The Draw system is a lottery event that works as the burning model for Sigma. Whitelists, popular NFTs, etc are given out to winners as the prizes of the Draw. Users can participate in Draw with Sigma tokens, and these Sigma tokens are converted to Draw points to join the Draw lottery.

Draw Details

Used Sigma tokens will be moved to the foundation pool for the next draw. This way, the circulation of Sigma Tokens can be controlled, preventing inflation.

  • Participants will need $Sigma in their wallet in order to participate.

  • There will be individual cap acoording to the level system.

  • Bonus Scores will be given participants to by level according to the experience levels.

Guide to Draw

Step 1. Connect to our raffle site: https://draw.sigmate.io/

Step 2. Log in with your Sigmate account for participation.

Step 3. Participate in Raffles with your Sigma Tokens. With more Sigma Tokens you contribute, higher chances are given to win the Draw.

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